Andrew Ellis

Andrew graduated in 1983 with a law degree from Melbourne University. He was admitted to legal practice very soon after. He completed his secondary schooling at St Albans High School, in the western suburbs. Andrew has represented many people injured or traumatised through workplace injuries and road accidents. He has practised exclusively in Workcover, TAC and Public Liability claims for many years. Since 1989 he has been a partner of various law firms. Andrew continues to successfully represent clients in Workcover, TAC and Public Liability cases. He is a strong advocate of worker’s rights and for his clients to receive fair compensation. He believes his popularity and success as a lawyer over 30 years is due to delivering exceptional personal service to his clients by providing them with a unique “boutique” experience, lacking with other law firms.

Andrew has a very friendly and approachable manner. He truly values his clients and regards them as an integral part of his past and ongoing success. His past clients continue to be a major referral source. Outside his law practice, Andrew spends time with his family, enjoys playing tennis and relaxing.

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